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What Our Clients Say statement on paper

CP 2019 (Principal Researcher)

Transcriptum have been a regular transcription provider for us for many years and have worked on several projects.  Transcriptum were selected as our transcripts can contain sensitive information related to policing.  Going beyond this, Transcriptum have helpfully accommodated a number of specific requirements around data-sharing protocols to ensure data security meets the requirements of our Security Unit. Customer service has been excellent; emails are responded to promptly and transcripts returned within agreed timescales, usually within a few days. The quality of the transcription has been excellent, dealing with technical terms accurately and efficiently. We will continue to work with Transcriptum on future projects that require transcription.

KH 2020 (University Professor)

If you're looking for a reliable, secure and high quality transcription company, I can't recommend Transcriptum highly enough.  The quality of work is fantastic and the attention to detail is second to none.  On top of that, the customer service is brilliant.  Look no further for a transcription company!

SM 2019 (Legal Practice)

Super-efficient service!

LW 2020 (Market Researcher)

I've used Avonlea's transcription service for a number of research and evaluation projects over the last few years.  I have always found them to be proactive, super-efficient and great value for money. They really care about the quality of their work and turn things around quickly. I am particularly grateful to Jan who keeps in very regular communication throughout the project lifecycle.  I highly recommend their services.

IC 2020 (Evidence and Evaluation Advisor)

My experience of working with Jan and her team has been 100% positive. Jan is always available for her clients and offers a really personalised service. The quality of the transcriptions is always impeccable. Sometimes we've been in a position where we have had to ask for transcriptions at very short notice and Jan always manages to meet our needs. She and her team were also determined to decipher a poor quality recording for me recently and I was amazed at the write-up they managed to produce - they must be really skilled at their work and determined!

MJM 2020 (Building / Construction)

We have been working with Avonlea Services for nearly three years now.  They provide a fast and efficient service. Jan and her team of transcribers are reliable and are often able to meet the tightest of deadlines when our business requires extra capacity.  I cannot recommend them enough.

DE 2020 (Ophthalmic / Oculoplastic Surgeon)

I have been using Jan's services at Avonlea for a few years now.  She does all the transcribing for my medical practice. From day one, her work has been of a very high standard of accuracy and turnaround. I would not hesitate to recommend her services.

NF 2020 (NHS Fraud Team)

Over the last  eighteen months we have had a very good experience with Jan and her team.  They have provided a very professional and accurate transcribing service and deadlines are always met.   They always ask for feedback to ensure we are happy with the service provided and have consequently tailored the transcripts to ensure that they meet our requirements. I would be happy to recommend the transcribing service that Jan and her team provide.

SK 2020 (PhD Student)

Thank you to Transcriptum Limited. I would definitely recommend Transcriptum as the turnaround was so prompt. The transcripts were clear, neatly presented and of excellent quality. The staff were extremely helpful and went out of their way to help me.

ES 2019 (University Research Institute)

I am very happy to recommend Avonlea’s services. We had acquired their services in the framework of a large ESRC research grant, which required transcription in three different languages (English, French and German).

The research team was very impressed by how high-quality their transcription was, including their flow and their accurate picking up of relatively obscure words/names.

Our experience dealing with the Director Jan Tune, was excellent as she provided regular updates on progress of work, raised invoices as per our services agreement in a timely manner and always responded to my queries with great professionalism.

LA 2020 (Author / Politician)


RW 2019 (Financial Journalist)

Jan and I have worked together many times. On every occasion her transcription service has been fast, accurate and good value. Most of all it has been flexible; when I asked for something to be transcribed at short notice Transcriptum made the extra effort to deliver what I needed, when I needed it. Jan and her team do great work for me.

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